Events and Specials

Tactics sports Bar

Events at Tactics Sports Bar are abundant, and are spaced out through the week. From dedicated Karaoke, to private events and specials, you’ll never be short of entertainment at our bar.

Thursdays Night at our bar is Karaoke Night, where you can croon to your heart’s delight for all your favorite tracks.

Tactics Sports Bar is also available for private parties and functions. We can accommodate up to 125 people at the bar. The ambience at the bar is Contemporary and Chic, with great music and LCD screens. The outdoors feature good seating, with plenty of space for all to lounge in. Add those to the Dance floor, Gaming machines, Pool table, and the robust atmosphere, and we don’t see a reason why wouldn’t want to host your parties here.

We encourage private parties, events and get-togethers on Saturdays, 7pm onwards.

Monday to Friday from 4pm to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 7pm
Happy hour all day every Mondays (for regulars)

Music / Karaoke

Tactics sports Bar

The music at Tactics Sports Bar is powered by State of the Art Sound System. Engineered by AMS, our sound system is popular for its ambient and spacey feel. Thanks to the large database of music that we play from (a whopping 30,000 tracks at the moment), you are sure to find what you like most. Also worth a mention is our dance floor where you can let your hair loose as you groove to the tunes.

The music at Tactics isn’t even the best part. We have a full-feature Karaoke Bar, which is gaining more popularity over the recent years. The lively and fun-loving crowd that frequents the bar will make you shed your inhibitions and have a blast.

Karaoke gets a highlight once a week, on Thursday Nights, where we hold the Karaoke Night, starting 8pm. They are the perfect opportunity for you to let go and engage in singing along to your favorite tunes.

Thursday – Karaoke Night, starting 8pm


Karaoke Night
starts: 8:00 pm