About Us

Tactics Sports Bar is located in Manukau, servicing the East Auckland area. It is hard to beat this Highland Park watering hole if you’re looking for a friendly and welcoming crowd, spick and span surroundings, and convivial environment. Our bar is the feature-rich entertainment hub with a soul.

Tactics features great ambience and a relaxed atmosphere, where people can meet, sing their hearts out to Karaoke on Thursday Nights, watch live sports on the big screen or one of the five LCD screens placed around the bar.

The bar is home to a self-service TAB facility that lets you dabble on horses, rugby or international sporting events even as you watch them live on our screens.

You could also be at the pool table while enjoying cold beer or sipping a glass of bubbly or try your hand at the eighteen Gaming machines that we have in the bar.

Music in the bar is powered by an ethereal sound system, engineered by AMS, and is played from an extensive database of songs. Not to mention the dance floor to let your hair loose.

At Tactics, we measure our performance by how happy the customers in the bar are. We have a diverse clientele and welcome people from all ages and backgrounds to spend time at the bar. We try to make it as entertaining as possible for customers and offer a lot of fun evenings and games.

We don’t just check if our customers are happy in the bar, but outside of it too. We have roots in the local community, and as a much-loved local bar, we like to support the community. As most of our regulars take a keen interest in fishing, we sponsor a local fishing club, along with an indoor cricket club and a hockey club. The clubs have been named after the bar in recognition of our support to them. We thank the members for the same and for their continued patronage to the bar.

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Tactics sports Bar
Tactics sports Bar